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Partner with a trusted expert. Our expertise represents years of investment in capturing our industry expertise and an ongoing commitment to adding value to our clients' operations.

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Our Mission is to deliver the most innovative, highest performing network security platform to secure and simplify your IT infrastructure. We ensure the operational continuity of your business through state-of-the art technology.

Cost Efficient

CANi's comprehensive portfolio demonstrates our know-how in consulting, implementing, maintaining, hosting and evolving leading solutions

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We provide detailed information on the current status of your environment by implementing equipment that gives you a consolidated view of your network.


Ensure the continuity of your business with a simple, scalable and secure backup solution.


Our team provides quality services that are affordable.

Outsourced IT

We provide quality service at an affordable cost.

Powering clients’ businesses with mission-critical solutions

Our full-service offering includes a large portfolio of industry leading solutions. These software applications, reusable frameworks and delivery methods represent years of investment in capturing our industry and technology expertise. Whether deploying our own solutions or solutions that combine CANI and partner capabilities, CANI exemplifies know how in the design, implementation and management of the solutions that power our clients’ businesses. With our solutions, clients benefit from our time-tested, customized repeatable IT solutions that drive their business goals.

US: (954) 338-6600

BS: (242)362-2240

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Problem Resolution

Computer or Tablet not booting/starting, Slow Computer, Pop-Ups/Virus Removal, Internet Problems. Need Tracking Software for your computer!

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Affordable Services

Monitoring, proactive maintenance and user connectivity support to help your IT infrastructure run at peak performance. Immediate Support for you within minutes. No need for a tech to come to your home or office. Saves you money. Try our Managed Services now !

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Business Analysis

Running a business used to require high cost equipment, not anymore.If your business is looking to improve productivity, you could take advantage of the latest technologies. Let us help you find the tools you need today.

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Customer Focused not Technology Driven

CANI is a successful and flexible company conformed by highly qualified professionals, commited to deliver exceptional service and value to our clients. At CANI, we have a deep understanding of the role technology plays for businesses today. Honesty, respect, commitment and responsibility are our core values. We also believe in the quality of our work, our vocation to customer service, our proactivity and our constant innovation and collaboration. Our partners support our commitment with your company.

What sets us apart?

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Prompt and Friendly Service
  • Commitment to Quality
  • Straight talk...No Jargon
  • Affordable Service Packages
  • Alignment to your Workflow
  • Convenience via Remote Fix!
  • Quick Problem Resolution
  • We keep it simple
  • No Fix no Fee Guarantee

CANIWe provide comprehensive diagnosis for your device. We install and configure your devices for you.

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